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Moments of Triumph Spell

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Mint
The nature of success is that it builds on itself. When you study, you learn skills. When you practice, you develop your skills. That leads to small accomplishments, which feed into greater ones. By focusing on your past achievements, you raise power toward new ones.

For this spell, you will need ten pictures of yourself accomplishing things, a piece of paper or a matboard, some double-sided tape or glue, and a scrapbook sleeve or picture frame. Arrange the pictures in a pyramid, 4–3–2–1, with minor achievements on the bottom and the best at the top. As you secure each picture, say:

"By the power of three times three,
All that I will shall come to be.
By the power of nine plus one,
Success shall come as it has done.

"Put the completed page in your scrapbook of shadows, or put it in the picture frame and hang it over your altar. When you need a boost, use it as a mandala while meditating on success.
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