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A Shady Garden

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg
Gardening is inherently witchy. We participate in the cycle of growth, generation, harvest, and rebirth while acquiring ingredients that can be used in spells. But not all of us have a sunny plot in which to garden.

Here are some plants that can be grown in the shade and can thrive even indoors:

Mint. Magical uses include protection of the home, healing, and drawing money. It can also be used in teas to soothe stomach problems.

Thyme. Burned, it's a purifier; under the pillow, it's a sleep aid; and carried, it promotes courage.

Woodruff. Best known as the distinct flavor in May wine, it is carried for victory and prosperity.

Angelica. The leaves, sprinkled about the house or burned in incense, are used for protection and exorcism. Avoid using the roots, which are poisonous.

Meadowsweet. Both fresh and dried, it's used in love spells. In the home, it keeps peace.
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