Wonderful You

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Clary Sage
We don't always see ourselves as we really are. We tend to be critical of ourselves. Here is a way to soften the rough edges. Let's make time for ourselves.

Start with a shower or bath. Good smells are essential. Use favorite soaps and shampoos that contain calming fragrances like lavender or rose. Add mint or lemon to bring a refreshing feel to the experience. Smells that are familiar bring about relaxation and calmness. Focus on acceptance of who you are. Wash away your critical views of yourself. It is everyday stress that causes you to see yourself in such a harsh light. You really are a great person!

Finish by doing something that makes you feel competent and capable. Engaging in a hobby or reading a book are good pastimes. A favorite drink and chocolate always help.

The best way to feel good about others is to start by feeling good about you.
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