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Live Long and Prosper

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Violet
In ancient Rome, today marked the beginning of the Secular Centennial Games, and nighttime healing ceremonies honoring the saeculum, which was the longestknown duration of a human life(which was either 100 or 110 years).
We have evolved since Roman times, and these days people live longer, but today let's celebrate the saeculum. As you meditate, see the faces of the elders in your family and say silently or out loud:

"May your every cell be well and healthy."

Visualize the elders in your community:

"May your every cell be well and happy."

Envision your closest family members:

"May your every cell be well and prosper."

Run your hands over your own body, from toes up to the top of your head:

"May every cell be well and wonderful.
May all of my allies be well, healthy, happy, prosperous, and wonderful."

And, as Spock would say, may we all "live long and prosper."
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