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Spell for Peace and Understanding

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Narcissus
Today is the UN International Day of Peace. Conflict between both individuals and nations is often rooted in misunderstanding. It is true that we often fear that which we do not understand. In the spirit of understanding through knowledge and education, pick a person you are having a conflict with and make a civil attempt to talk with them and learn more about where they are coming from in their stance. Or perhaps pick a nation that your country is in conflict with, and learn more about its people, history, and culture. Attempt to set aside and dispel preconceived notions or misconceptions you have about them.
Next, charge two candles. One candle represents you or your nation, and the other represents the person or nation the conflict is with. Light the candles with the intent for healing and understanding for both parties.
Envision the light surrounding all involved. Let the candles burn out safely.
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