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Cool Down Spell

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Lily
Heat is good. It heals, purifies, and gives comfort. Here at the height of summer, heat is expected-but too much of anything can be dangerous and unhealthy. Balance physical and mental heat (it's so easy to get "hot and bothered" at this time of the year!) with this spell. Performing it now, when the moon is waning, will also help to "shrink" the heat. You will need a spray bottle, ice, water, and some mint leaves.
Fill the bottle with the ice, water, and mint. Swirl it in a counterclockwise motion for banishing, and speak this mantra:

"Coolness is green,

Fresh, and clean.

Away worry, anger, and heat.

Between hot and cool, summer is sweet!"

Spray the water on yourself, and feel its coolness washing over you. Keep the spray bottle in the refrigerator and spritz yourself (and plants and animals) whenever you need to.
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