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Spell of Sacrafice

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon
At this time of sacred harvest, while still mindful of all that Lugh gave up to save his people, we are called upon to think about what we're willing to give up for the betterment of our own lives and those of our loved ones. Take some time to go through your closets, pantry, garage, even your altar, and ask yourself which of these items you've used in the past year, or even the past season. Do you really need so much stuff? Pile all of these beloved unused treasures near a box. Then, one by one, take a moment with each thing, cleansing it of any negative energies it may still have, then energizing it with good wishes and memories, blessing whoever its next owner will be with all the abundance and positivity those memories hold.
Finally, take the box to a favorite charity, and be blessed.
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