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Attract Friendship

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Orchid
We all want to attract the attention of someone special into our lives, but we sometimes overlook the best kind of someone special. There is a saying that a true friend thinks you're a good egg, even when you are half-cracked.
I recommend "friendship candles" to help you focus, preferably a three-day one. Anoint the candle with honey and rosewater. Work the spell with the intent to find your best friend. Do not consider love, romance, or any special attribute in your spell, but rather just someone you can be yourself with.
At the end of three days, it is time to socialize. You are not going to find your BFF sitting at home. Pick a likely spot-social events, next-door neighbors, meet-ups, or anyplace where you will find people like yourself. Don't push it; it will come on its own and will be a relationship for life.
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