Health Spell

To promote good health, during the seventh hour after sunrise grind in a mortar two teaspoons lavender flower and one teaspoon each of thyme, allspice, coriander seed, and willow leaf, saying: "I charge you by the Sun and the Moon, on this day of high energy and in this hour of healing, to release your powers into my work!" Rub peppermint oil on a blue votive candle and inscribe with these symbols, saying: "Jupiter for health, Beorc for the Goddess, Water for fluids, Tyr for victory, Os for the God, and Sigel to direct the healing energy." Light the candle in a cauldron. Add the herbal mixture, and say: "I call upon the divine to hasten my healing, bringing victory over the watery confusion in my body; with healing herbal energies released to my aid, cast aside my sickly imbalance I bid thee. So mote it be!" Burn one hour, snuff, and bury the remains.
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