Walpurgis Transmutation

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Lavender
It's May Eve, or Walpurgis, traditionally celebrated with bonfires to help fuel and clear the way for all the fresh, growing, birthing energy of May. So go through your home and yard and collect all the dry brush, both literal and figurative. In your yard, this might mean dead-heading flowers and pinching off dead branches. In your home, look for things like old papers, trash, and clothes that you no longer wear.
At nightfall, consider burning whatever can be safely burned (such as paper and wood) in your fire pit or fireplace. As it burns, play some victorious, high-spirited music and dance! Feel yourself transforming all that was dead and stuck into brightness, light, and energy.

At some point, once or repeatedly, say:

"What was old is now new, what was sleeping is now awake, what was dark is now alight!"

The next day, donate any nonburnable items to charity or otherwise release them.
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