Tarot Card Changing Spell

Sometimes in a tarot reading, you see a card whose appearance or position worries you. Here is a spell to alter one card in a spread. This provides magical support for whatever practical action you intend to take to change the outcome of events. To begin, light a candle of suitable color (green for money, brown for security, and so on) and set it nearby. Concentrate on the change you want to make, and recite this charm: "Here the paths are spread before me, as the fates have decreed. Now I choose a different way from the one I have laid, and this will change my destiny. As I will, so mote it be!" Change the card's position or replace it with another. Recite the charm again, pouring all your emotion into it. Then leave the cards alone; let the candle burn in a safe place, and pick everything up after it goes out.
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