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Physician, heal Thyself!

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Bayberry
Was it yesterday you gossiped or said something not so nice about someone? Maybe nothing comes immediately to mind, but the point is, you may be wasting energy on the affairs of others when you could do a bit to clean up in your own house.
Start small, perhaps making a promise to listen more carefully. Then spend time reflecting on what sets you off or makes you afraid.
Use this information to begin asking yourself probing questions and then giving honest answers. To aid your process, mix an elixir of honey, mint, lemon, and water. Speak over it the following words in order to be cleansed and released from old attachments:

"That my word be true, my deed be pure,
I drink this drink, commitment sure;
The sweet and sour , fresh and clear,
All make it so; bind and adhere."

Now drink and take in the spell, giving yourself permission to release, grow, and open anew, seeking to create right relationships wherever you may go.
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