Sea Glass Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Ivy
Sea glass is any piece of soda bottle or other broken glass that has been weathered by the actions of sand and water. For instance, shards of green bottles will become translucent, and the edges will be rounded and dull to the touch.
Sea glass can be found by beach combing in areas that have concentrations of it. To locate a "sea glass beach" in your area, do an Internet search. Some beaches are famous for their sea glass, while others have none at all.
Since sea glass began as something sharp that is now smooth, it is a wonderful object for working away anger. Rub the edges of the sea glass and say:

"Take my anger, sea and sand. Make me like this glass."

Important: Craft stores sell "sea glass." This is manufactured - not the real thing. The spell works best when you claim your own piece of sea glass from a beach.
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