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Celebrating Beltane

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lilac
Today is all about joy in the world, everything coming into flower, bursting with life. To celebrate Beltane, take a few minutes to find some food or drink you particularly love, that makes you feel alive and vibrant. Set it on your altar or somewhere in your home where you feel comfortable and at ease. Alternate taking a bite or sip with saying one of the sentences below. You can alternate what you say or repeat, depending on what moves you.

"Here is delight.
I love my body.
Joy fills every moment of my life.
I am renewed in joy.
Beauty, joy, and plenty surround me.
I am creative, inspired by the world around me.
My life is abundant and flourishing.
(Or whatever other sentence moves you.)

When you are done, spend a few moments in reflection: what can you do today that will delight you, make you laugh like a child? See if you can find time to do that soon.
It's also a great day to do gentle acts of self-care, such as eating a favorite food, using a wonderfully scented soap, or taking a leisurely walk through a favorite outdoor space. If you're in a romantic relationship, today is a great day to spend some time sharing your love and celebrating your connection.
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