Day of Nut

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg
Sky goddess of rebirth, the Egyptian Nut provides inspiration today, inviting us to be born again truer to our souls. From the time you wake until the sun begins to set, practice mindfulness in all you speak and do.

Invoke Nut:

"Carrier of a Thousand Souls,
Hear my prayer this day;
I give myself to your potent embrace,
Birth me come what may."

With the setting sun, gather grasses and herbs that you can burn, making a sacrificial fire into which offerings of incense, flowers, and fruit may be made. Give Nut your gratitude and release that which keeps you entangled in the past. Extinguish the fire with wine and wear white to bed.
Arise reborn.
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