Packing Your Porta-Witch Basket

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Yarrow
Who knows where or when you'll want to do some magical work. Be prepared. Pack your Porta-Witch basket.
Buy a picnic basket with handles and a lid. What do you need for magical work? Make a checklist. It may not be what everyone else would use, but this is your unique toolkit. Some suggestions:

- A goddess or god you're dedicated to, such as an all purpose deity like the Statue of Liberty (America's Goddess), a mother-creatrix, or a powerful and generous father god. Find an unbreakable figure.

- An altar cloth that will stand up to prepeated use and in a color that can be used for any ritual.

- Directional symbols (unbreakable and in the proper colors).

- Candle holders (unbreakable and in the proper colors).

- Incense holders.

- Sand and charcoal briquettes in plastic bags.

- Matches.

- Oils and other important supplies.

- Ritual jewelry.

Keep your Porta-Witch basket in the trunk of your car. You'll always be ready to work.
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