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Mother's Night

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg
Mother's Night celebrates the female life force that anchors winter and sees the return of light and life to the world. Whether honoring the Saxon Modranicht (Mother Night), the Celtic Cailleach, the Norse Frigg, the Scandinavian Skadi, the Germanic Holda, or any number of goddess traditions, all link women and birth to the winter season and the return of the light.
Create a shrine for your favorite winter mother. Create an enclosing ring with pieces of white yarn (for snow) or raffia. Sprinkle with glitter and set candles on the edges. Place your favorite winter goddess figure or effigy in the center - a photograph will do nicely. Use this as a focus for your winter magics and for heightened awareness of the darkness and rebirth inherent in the season. Incant ex mater ("from the mother") as you ask the Mother's blessings on your home for the year to come.
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