Find Me Spell

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Hydrangea
Sometimes I think that car keys, change purses, and things I've put away so that I won't lose them are conspiring to drive me crazy.
They always hide when I need them the most and I'm in a hurry. I've used the "Find Me" spell so often that my pendulum automatically starts "searching" when I bring out my drawing!
Use a large piece of graph paper and draw a schematic of your home. Draw another graph of your neighborhood, another of your car, and another of your workplace. Place one of the graphs on a table, and holding your pendulum steady in your "sending" hand (right hand if you're right-handed, left if you're left-handed) and say out loud, "Find me the object that I need, quickly seek with skill and speed" ...then say the name of the object three times. If your pendulum fails to move, choose another of the graphs until you get a response. Move the pendulum over the graph until it pinpoints an area for you to consider. Search that area, and when you find your item, come back to the graph and gently stroke the pendulum until it remains stationery. Thank the pendulum for its help and put it away someplace safe so that you will find it the next time you need it. (You might want to have two pendulums, just so one can help you find the other!)
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