Full Moon Spell for Empowerment

Color of the day:  Violet
Incense of the day:  Rose
This spell is intended to give you a boost of confidence and offer you strength in whatever area you need. It is especially useful if you feel emotionally trapped or insecure.
Dress yourself in black or white-a robe, if you have one, something that makes you feel powerful. Adorn yourself with any favorite pieces of jewelry you may have, or other accessories that give you strength. Prepare your altar with white and silver decorations. You can do this ritual inside or outside, but try to find a place where you can see the Moon, if possible.
Create your sacred space. Then, light five white candles in the center of your altar or table. Look at the Moon; feel the moonlight. Close your eyes and visualize the moonlight as a source of pure feminine power. Turn your hands palms up and imagine yourself catching the moonlight.
Then, imagine it cascading over your head and shoulder, like water. Feel it flowing over your body, all the way down to your feet. As you visualize this, know that this soft light is strong and beautiful-as you are. If necessary, visualize yourself being free of a situation that is holding you back or see yourself gaining the strength you need to achieve a goal.

"Knowing now where I belong I am confident and strong.
Meet the challenge, rise above, achieving all that I dream of.
I am strong and in control; I will reach my fondest goal."

Meditate for as long as you like, sitting near your altar. Allow the candles to burn out, if possible, and try to spend the rest of your day or evening relaxing and pampering yourself.
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