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Heal a Tree

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sage
Trees suffer disease and damage the same as human beings, which is why tree surgeons exist. If you encounter a tree that has had its sap bled for any reason besides maple tapping, perform this intervention. In a pot of water, simmer together juniper berries, sage, and vervain. As you stir, talk about the tree and how it needs help. If possible, add a leaf or branch from the tree to "introduce" it to the herbs, allowing them to "sense" what needs healing. Let the mixture cool, and then bottle it (use a funnel if you have it) and take it to the tree. Pour your potion over the tree's injuries, and then sit with your back to the base of the tree while saying:

Root to sap to wood to bark,
Rustling leaves eating light,
giving dark–
In the shade of the
whispering tree,
I give healing unto thee.
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