Vibrant Health Tonic

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Basil
Just before sunrise, go outside, face east, and place nine leaves of fresh basil in a glass bowl. Add a pinch of calendula blossoms and a clean white quartz. Pour spring water over the ingredients, almost filling the bowl. Now, place your hands on either side of the bowl and close your eyes. Relax, breathe, and focus as you inwardly repeat the words:
Perfect love, perfect strength, perfect health.
Open your eyes when you sense that the sun has risen. Using a dropper from a small bottle, put 9 drops of the water from the bowl into the bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle half with spring water and half with brandy. Pour the remaining contents of the bowl around the base of a tree as an offering. Close the bottle, shake gently, and put 3 drops under your tongue. Take daily until you've reached your desired health level.
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