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Get Ready for Spring

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sage
Snow may still cover the ground and the wind still has the bite of winter in it, but Mother Earth is stirring with new life. Crocuses are beginning to push through the frozen ground and the birds are finding their nesting sites. Now is the time to attune yourself to the life force which is beginning to pulse through all of nature. Upon your altar, place a pot of spring flowering bulbs such as crocus or daffodils. And on either side place one green and one yellow candle. Sit on the floor before your altar. Light the green candle and say:
I welcome the Green Man.
Next light the yellow candle and say:
I welcome Father Sun.
Feel the life force increasing around you; breathe deeply. Send the power you feel through the palms of your hands back into Mother Earth. Spring is almost here.

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