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The Power of Ice and Snow

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Neroli
In many shamanic traditions, one of the most powerful ways to work through difficulty is to honor the power of obstacles and learn to transmute these energies. When the world is locked in ice and snow, we tend to recoil, considering the wintry substances negative or devoid of life energy. Snow and ice contain powerful spirits who work to help the world sleep and rest in preparation for renewal in spring. Here is a spell to honor and harness the power of both ice and snow during the depths of wintertime:

Great spirits of snow, blanketing the earth Falling from the skies, silently and in beauty,
I honor your path, I honor your wonder, I ask for the blessings of nature's season of rest.
Great spirits of ice, magnifiers of winter sun, crystalline powers creating rainbows in the coldest season,
I honor your magic, I honor your wisdom, I ask for the blessings of winter's focus and inner beauty.

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