To Rid Yourself of a Bad Habit

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Alder
The October waning Moon is a great time to do a little housekeeping on your psyche. What habits would you love to be free of? It's always best to focus on one change at a time. Remember that most bad habits serve to comfort you, so think of a more positive way to comfort yourself. When you've decided what you want to work on, go outdoors and collect two fall leaves-one for the bad habit and one for the activity you will use to replace the bad habit. Write your bad habit on one leaf and your good replacement on another leaf. Go outdoors with your bad habit leaf. Let it fall away from you. When it has fallen to the ground, grind it beneath your heel. You're finished with it forever. Press the leaf of comfort in your Book of Shadows.

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