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Coin Grass Money Spell

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Jasmine
Also known as "ground ivy," coin grass is said to attract money to the bearer when used in spellwork. Cut out a square pouch from green cotton or flannel cloth. Place it on a clean table or on the altar. Anoint a green candle with cinquefoil or five finger grass oil. Cinquefoil bestows the "five lucks" of love, money, health, power, and wisdom. Set the candle in a candleholder and light it. Take some silver coins and dollar bills and insert them into the pouch with some coin grass. Tie the pouch. Pass it over the candle and touch it to your forehead, heart, knees, genitals, and feet. Hold it with both hands and speak your wish for financial luck so you can pay off some bills. Carry the pouch wherever you go. When the money eventually comes and if there is surplus, donate a portion to charity.

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