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Child Protection Spell

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Juniper
It's back to school, which may be both a relief and a worry for parents of school-age children. Of course, we need to talk to our children about safety issues, but what can we do magically? Gather a piece of red coral, amber, and malachite. Beads made from these stones would work perfectly. Light a white candle for fire and a stick of lavender incense for air. Use salt to represent earth and the element water should be contained in a shell. These representations of the elements are all used in protection magic. Pass the stones over or through each element as you ask the powers of the elements to bless and protect your child. Now carry the stones next to your skin for three days and three nights. Tuck the stones in a pocket of your child's backpack with instructions to carry it always for good luck.
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