Freya’s Smooth Magic

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Orchid
Friday is sacred to the Norse goddess of magic, beauty, and love, Freya. After all, the day took its name from her, Freya's-day. Since we are in a waning Moon, let's push away any relationship troubles you might be dealing with. Things not so romantic at home? Is there a silly misunderstanding between you and your sweetie? Here's just the spell to smooth things out. Oh, and before you start wondering, the individual that you will be casting on is . . . yourself.
May the goddess Freya hear my plea on this Friday night,
Help me to banish all hurt feelings, and to remove strife.
May my actions and words be caring, kind, and true,
Your love shines through me in all that I say and do.
For the good of all with harm to none,
By Freya's magic, this spell is done!
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