Nature Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Almond
Daylight Saving Time begins 2 am

To know and to love: the same thing.

We can deepen our spiritual practice by learning more about nature. Whether it's tree, wildflower, bird, or rock identification, take time now to learn more about a particular aspect of nature. Start a notebook and decide how much time each month you're willing to spend on this project. For tree identification, sketch or take photographs of a tree you've chosen. Write its botanical name and its folk name if you can find it. What are its magical properties? Is it native to your area? Does it like dry or humid conditions, sun or shade? You may want to press leaves and include them in your notebook next to the tree you've identified. Try to spend some time with the tree and see if you can feel the spirit of the tree. At the end of the year, review your experiences. Do you feel this study has deepened your love of nature?

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