Fertility Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Clover
Persian priestesses cast fertility spells to honor their goddess, Spandarmat, on this day. Whether you desire a baby, a garden, or an artistic project, begin by making a fertility doll to manifest your desire.
Assemble your materials using the rule of three. Three fertility stones might be coral, agate, and chrysoprase and three plants might be cucumber seeds, motherwort, and mustard seeds. You will need green cloth, sewing tools, rice grains (to stuff into the doll), and ornamentation materials. Before you begin, light a green candle and ask Spandarmat to empower your spell. I leave it to you to decide the shape of your doll; she doesn't need to take a human form. Sew her together, leaving an opening (vagina) through which you can fill her with your crystals, herbs, and rice. Then sew her shut. Leave an offering of nuts and dates at the base of a tree for Spandarmat with your thanks.
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