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Plant Your Wishes

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Narcissus
It is the midpoint of winter turning into spring-a time to plan for the year and make wishes for the future. There once was a custom to tie ribbons on branches for the wishes of the year. To plant your wishes, you will need a fallen tree branch and some ribbon in colors that symbolize your wishes. Create sacred space by lighting candles in white, red, and black for the goddess Brigid and burn cinnamon incense in her honor. Breathe in deeply the peace of the slumbering Earth at the moment before waking. Now tie each ribbon onto the tree branch, stating your wish three times. When you are done, chant, "Ribbons of colors oh so bright, bring my wishes to the light," three times. Plant your wishing tree on your altar until the Spring Equinox when you will plant it outdoors. At the first harvest, Lammas, on August 1, burn the branch in thanksgiving for what you have harvested from your wishes.
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