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Prosperity Feng Shui Spell

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
Nothing like getting a "jump" on bringing abundance for 2010! If you have a nearby store that carries Feng Shui items, obtain a frog with a coin in his mouth and a mobile with images of at least two fish (six and eight fish would also work well). Light a red candle in a bowl of water (symbolizing prosperity) and bless the frog and fish mobile in any way that feels right to you. When you're finished, point the frog at your front door (his job is to bring opportunities for money into the house), and then hang the fish mobile in the left rear corner of the house. This is the "wealth" section, and the fish will keep money in the house so it doesn't leave just as soon as it comes in. During the year, remember every night to face the frog back into the house (just turn him around), and to turn the frog toward the door every morning. You may purchase a "double frog" so you don't have to do this. Keep the frog and the fish mobile, as well as these areas of your house, clean. Now get ready for money to roll in and stay!
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