Honoring the Lady of Guadalupe

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Sage
As Hanukkah begins for some parts of the world, in Latin America (particularly Mexico), today is the 478th anniversary of the discovery of the Lady of Guadalupe, which literally brought an end to an ongoing bloody religious war. Her discovery in the year 1531 was by none other than a child, who claims she visited him at sunrise on this cold day. He brought back red roses (which were out of season) along with a cape that had her image inside. To this day, no one can figure out how the image appeared in this fabric! Although the Lady of Guadalupe has a very Catholicized "Mother Mary" energy, her original form is that of the Aztec Moon goddess Tonanzin, who brings love, peace, abundance, and fertility. Visit the Catholic seven-day candles section of your grocery or dollar store and obtain a Lady of Guadalupe Candle. Sprinkle it with rose petals and light the candle at sunrise. Rather than reading the Catholic prayer, say something from your heart-similar to this:
Lady of Guadalupe, who is also known as the Aztec Mother Moon goddess Tonanzin, please show me your great powers of mothering love, nurturing, and abundance, and remove the patriarchal fear that resides in us. Allow me to be a conduit of your comforting energy to all who encounter me. It is done.
Let the candle burn to the bottom, snuffing it before leaving it unattended. Look forward to amazing synchronicities, unexpected gifts, and grateful, elated feelings for the coming year!

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