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Let Go/Manage Change Spell

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Apricot
With the Sun in the death sign of Scorpio and the Moon growing dark in the analyzing sign of Virgo, this is a perfect time to let go and release all that is not needed anymore. Light a black or red candle sprinkled with black pepper, comfrey, or lobelia, and use the Death and Judgment (Rebirth) tarot images. When looking at the Death card, willfully funnel everything into the candle that you wish, or need, to release. If you cannot recognize what you need to release, see yourself doing so regardless (you will know what is holding you back soon enough). You may feel like crying, and that is a wonderful sign-cry! See this energy going to the Spirit to be transformed. Now, visualize with the Judgment, or Rebirth, card. Fill this void with love and light, and see your wishes now having room to manifest-you are in fact "reborn." Rejoice in knowing that you were able to bravely faced this dark time. Go forward and accept your newfound vitality!

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