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Create A Cleansing Altar

To create an altar for use in cleansing ceremonies, first cover a small table with a white cloth, preferably linen. Arrange on the cloth one freshly cleansed amethyst crystal, a thriving fern plant, a smudge stick in a small bowl of salt, a crystal candle holder with a white or lavender candle, and a bowl of dried lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and dill. Light the smudge stick and blow the incense around the altar, saying: "Spirits of protection, healing, and cleansing, bless the objects on this altar-that I might use them to aid in cleansing and purifying during my magical work. Blessed be." Whenever you have need, come to the altar and work your cleansing, puri-fying, and healing magic here. You may place pictures on the amethyst and ask that the person or object in the photograph be cleansed as well.
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