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Making Love Grow

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Vanilla
Color of the day: Pink
Incense of the day: Vanilla

It can be difficult finding true love until we learn to appreciate the love we are already given. Make a list of everyone that loves you. Search your heart and you'll realize how loved you are by members of your family, friends, even pets. Place the list under a pink candle next to the Two of Cups and Three of Cups tarot cards. Place a vase of roses and daisies nearby. While you gaze at the candle flame, think about the people listed, feeling their love filling you. Allow the love to push out negative feelings; feel warmth and love.

I welcome joy within me
In my heart with every beat
May that love be extended out
To everyone I meet.

Make it a point during the following week to extend a kindness to everyone on your list in appreciation for their kindness and love for you.

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