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Rushes Ritual

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Mint
Color of the day: Coral
Incense of the day: Mint

In Britain, during July and August, the very first harvest was the harvest of rushes, which were gathered and used to carpet the floors of houses and churches. A procession known as a "rush-bearing" took place to the accompaniment of pipes, drums, and bells. Groups of young women carried bundles of rushes decorated with ribbons and flowers, or sometimes woven into the shape of triangles or spirals. Gather rushes from the water's edge to carpet your sacred space, and place rush-weavings on your altar to honor and connect with the spirits of Earth and water in the waxing powers of the summer season:

Offerings from
The flowery Earth,
Gifts from the watery places
Where my footsteps
Tread the path of old,
These fragrant rushes
Strewn about
From where the Earth
And waters meet.
Their powers grow,
And thus grow mine.
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