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Lammas Corn Dolly

Color of the day:  Orchid
Incense of the day:  Ginger
Color of the day: Orchid
Incense of the day: Ginger

Lammas, the first of the harvest Sabbats, was traditionally celebrated with fresh bread and beer. At the heart of any harvest holiday is gratitude and generosity. We give thanks for the bounty in our lives and we share our bounty with others. The Lammas practice of making corn dollies dates back to ancient times when the Romans first introduced cultivation to the tribes of northern Europe. Made from the last sheaf of grain, the dolly was paraded through the village and treated with reverence or derision, depending on the tribe. Eventually the corn dolly became the good luck talisman for every farm. To make your corn dolly, gather together long stems of wheat, corn husks, dried alfalfa, or, if you're a city dweller, raffia. Fashion either an abstract figure or a more doll-shaped figure depending on your sensibilities. Likewise, the corn dolly can be left simple or dressed in cloth, feathers, and beads. Pass the dolly through the smoke of your ritual fire to bless her. Ask her to protect your household from theft, poverty, illness, and disaster. Your last year's corn dolly, if you have one, should be tossed in the fire with prayers of gratitude for a year's worth of good fortune. Blessed Be.
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