Mincemeat Pie Season

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Coriander
Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Coriander

The origins of mincemeat pie go back to the Egyptians, who baked this pastry in the shape of a little coffin to honor Osiris on the winter solstice. The Crusaders brought mincemeat back with them to Europe in the eleventh century, and it became the traditional Yuletide treat. In the seventeenth century, the Puritans tried their best to outlaw the pies, calling them "idolatry in crust." It is said that for every slice of mincemeat pie that you eat, you will have a lucky month in the coming year. The only condition is that each pie you partake of must be baked by a different cook. The magical properties of mincemeat are: apples for love and health, raisins and nuts for prosperity, fruit peel and sugar for love, ginger for money, cinnamon and nutmeg for psychic awareness, and rum for protection.
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