Sober Stone

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Dill
Color of the day: Rose
Incense of the day: Dill

Around this time of the year the festive season or "silly season" brings us many opportunities to attend parties, socialize, and indulge in food and alcohol. Although we might leave home with the best intention of not consuming excess alcohol, it's easy to become carried away with the merriment of the occasion. When we are intoxicated, particularly at a work function, we risk speaking or acting in a way that might compromise our career or professional reputation. The ancient Greeks drank from goblets made of amethyst, or placed the crystal in their drink, to minimize the effects of intoxication. If you place an amethyst in your drink at the next party you attend, you will probably attract unnecessary attention. But you can use the energies of the amethyst to help protect you from overindulgence. Carry the stone in your pocket or purse to reduce the effects of consuming excessive alcohol and to remind you of the benefits of moderation.
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