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Centering Spell

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Parsley
Color of the day: Orange
Incense of the day: Parsley

Before the holiday crush, center yourself with this simple and powerful spell. Find a quiet space and gather a white or silver candle, a glass bowl of spring water, a smooth stone, and a spoonful of salt. Light the candle, and concentrate on the flame. Hold the stone in your palm. Feel its weight, and its
solidity. This stone represents your core truth-the unchangeable, timeless, and solid aspect of your core being. Identify this aspect and name it. Place the stone into the water. Breathe. Hold the salt in your hand, and let it slip through your fingers into the water, saying:

This life and time,
ever changing.
Goddess, may I recognize my truth
and center my life on it.
As time changes me,
may I remain timeless,
fluid, and honorable.
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