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Intending Path Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Musk
Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Musk

With the Moon waxing in Aries, now is a good time to set your intention to start any new projects or tasks. Good intentions are the foundation for helping a project to be successful. Whatever your aim is, spend some time today thinking about why you are doing it and what the outcome will be. Then find a special red stone such as garnet, ruby, or carnelian that you can wear as a necklace or put in your pocket for the next few weeks. At night, light a red candle and briefly warm the stone over the flame. Visualize your project and your intentions, and state them out loud. Then ask for permission from the rock to store your intentions and to remind you of the path you have chosen.
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