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Remove a Ghost from the House Ritual

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Lavender

If you have creeping terrors at night, trying speaking this verse:

This spell is written for the shadow,
Which moves across the wall,
And for the unexplained light
At the end of the hall.
It was written for the strange scent of jasmine Wafting in the winter air,
And for the gauzy mist, floating above the stairs.
After the dusk has turned to night.
Light a virgin candle, tall and white.
Place it before a looking-glass.
And gaze at it until you see a spirit from the past.
When the flame begins to flicker and sway, gently whisper:

Come, let me guide your way.
Open your door, carry your candle into the night, and say:
Come gentle spirit,
Go back,
Follow the light.
In peace you came,
In peace be gone.
For the good of all
And harm to none.

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