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Saturn in Leo: How Does It Affect You?

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About every thirty years, the taskmaster Saturn (a.k.a. the Lord of Karma) visits you. This year he is paying a call to our Leo friends, those born July 23—August 22. He will knock on their door July 17th and enjoy an extended stay until September 2007. Are you ready to let him in? Will he be a welcome visitor or the house guest from hell? You better get used to him because Saturn is here to stay—for a while anyway. But what does matter is how you prepare for his arrival and stay. It can be very unpleasant or the most amazing two years you've ever had.

Saturn is a teacher. He challenges us to do more with our lives. He tests us to make us stronger. Saturn's lesson for every one may be different, it all depends on what your soul needs to learn. Usually you are given three tests over the course of the two years he visits. The first test is kind of an introduction to the problem or issue you are supposed to deal with. By the time the second test is given, you should come up with a game plan and be prepared to take action. If you have not resolved an issue, learned a karmic lesson or changed something in your life that needs changing, the third test is very difficult. You could feel overwhelmed. But Saturn is not a heavy handed, bad guy. He will reward you greatly for a job well done and lessons learned. If you meet each test and challenge that comes, there are wonderful benefits at the end of this cycle.

Most of the time, we hang onto things that are no longer necessary in our life; perhaps a dead end job, a bad marriage, a poor self esteem and the like. Saturn wants to help you get rid of what is holding back to make room for better things in your life. I remember counseling a Pisces woman years ago when Saturn was in her sign. I told her of the opportunities for growth with Saturn. Growth, that is, if she were willing to make changes in her life. I also counseled her on the downside of Saturn; if she wasn't willing to make changes, life could be a roller coaster ride for over two years. She contacted me years later to thank me for counseling her how to deal with Saturn. She said the last few years were the best of her life! She learned so much and was able to become a better and more spiritual person.

Saturn in Leo will affect all of us in some way. No matter what sign you are, you will learn a lesson pertinent to the area of your astrological chart that Leo falls in. Because many of my readers may not know a lot about astrology and even what their rising sign is, I have compiled a list of how Saturn will affect every sun sign. If you do know your rising sign, please read that too.

Aries: Saturn wants to teach you about responsibility to children. Some of you may get pregnant this year. Others who have children may be spending a great deal of time and energy on them. Love affairs will also be highlighted. You will learn a great deal about affairs of the heart. New relationships may enter your life to help teach you these lessons. You will feel as if there is no time for fun. So your lesson is to do more of a balancing act between work and play. Safeguard investments. This is not a time to gamble or take unnecessary risks with money.

Taurus: You will be learning a great deal about your home and family. Many of you may want to move or put down roots. For others, it will be a time of responsibility to your family. There may be concern for an older parent or the need to take care of a child. On a spiritual level, this is a time to heal old family wounds and the inner child. Family First will be the motto. However, you may feel torn between career demands and your spouse and kids. So you will have to do a balancing act and change you schedule so you have the ability to spend quality time with those you love.

Gemini: The way you think and communicate is changing a great deal. You will look at life quite differently as your viewpoint changes. There will be a serious tone to your personality. You will learn to be responsible for the things you say and how you say them. Contracts and negotiations will be important. You may have some car trouble. Disagreements and sibling rivalry could also come up but give you the opportunity to grow closer to brothers and sisters as well.

Cancer: You will learn how to squeeze a dollar out of dime, how to do more with less, and that money isn’t everything. This is a time in your life in which you will come to understand security isn’t about money, but it comes from within. Some of you may be making large purchases like a home or buying a business. You will be very tenacious about paying off debt and learning how the Law of Prosperity works.

Leo: With Saturn on your sun sign, you will be called to make changes in just about every area of your life that needs fixing. Do not be afraid because the universe wants to bring you everything your deserve. If you have laid good foundations and karma, this period could be a time of great reward. However, if you still have lessons, now is the time you learn them and become a bigger person because of it. Look at this period as a blessing—a time to make your life all that it can be. If you allow changes to happen, things go well. If you fight them, there will be more challenges to overcome. Let go and let be!

Virgo: During this period you will be able to let go of many subconscious old wounds, fears and issues that you have repressed for years. This is a great time of healing. Some of the issues you may not want to relive or face, but you have no choice, as they are bubbling to the top of the surface and it is time to deal with them. Once this period is over, you will feel like a new person and as if nothing will ever hold you back. People from your past may waltz back into your life that you need to make amends with or they, you. This is a healing karmic time. Embrace it.

Libra: You discover the true meaning of friendship during this cycle. There may be negative relationships dissolving and positive ones taking their place. This is the time you recognize who your true friends are! It is also very likely you will be working within a group situation where your diplomatic nature will come in very handy. Some Libras will be placed in new work situations that involve working with many people on a project or goal. The lesson is to learn to work with different personally types and through their differences.

Scorpio: Saturn will actually be a major blessing in your life now, especially if you have worked hard the past fourteen years and laid a solid foundation with your career. Now is the time for the big reward. You may find your dream job. It is likely that Scorpio will be given more responsibility than ever. You will have to prove yourself worthy of getting the position and then work hard for the time Saturn is in Leo and then you may rest on your laurels. Don’t you feel as if you are on the verge of a major change with your career? I know you do. It’s almost here!

Sagittarius: These next two years will be a period of great enlightenment. Your beliefs, convictions, ideas, and even religion may change.You are seeking a higher truth to your everyday existence and just may find it. For some of you, more education is needed to further your career which will reach peak in late 2007—2009. Now is the time to take classes and update your knowledge as much as you can. At work, your reputation may be challenged but if you have laid good karma in the past, there is nothing to worry about. Changes with authority figures, bosses and older relatives may be a source of concern now, but your biggest lesson is spiritual growth.

Capricorn: Other people's money, joint resources, and money owed to you, will be part of the big Saturn lesson for you This is a period in which you will not to be able to depend on other outside sources of income as much. So plan ahead. For example if you own rental property, the renters may move out. Your mate may be unemployed for a while. You will learn to depend on yourself and your own ability to make money. Also this is time you are being called on to pay off debts, maybe financial and karmic. Therefore this period should be looked at in a positive way to settle any scores and make things right.

Aquarius: Saturn will teach you about relationships both romantic and professional. In fact, relationships of all kinds will be tested. The strong ones will weather the storms and become stronger than ever before. The weak ones, may end. Your needs are changing too in regards to love. What you needed a mere six month ago or six years ago has changed. People in your life need to accept these changes as they are now a prominent part of who you are. If single, you could meet someone very special during this cycle that you will want to make a commitment with, possibly your soul mate. If attached, the union will face some tough challenges to determine if it can stand the test of time.

Pisces: This is one of your biggest weight loss cycles! If you have been working hard at losing weight, Saturn will help you and give you the discipline you need. This is also a time to get all of the little tasks and projects done that you've put off. If you have health problems crop up, now would be the time to work on fixing them. You will also be learning how to find a neutral ground among coworkers. There may be more work placed on your desk than others. But don’t be discouraged because the hard work you do during this Saturn transit will not go unnoticed by late 2007.

I mentioned earlier in the article about preparing for Saturn's visit. Now that you know what lessons you may be asked to learn, what should you do in preparation. Simplify your life. Remove any negativity and get rid of any irritations or potential problems now. You have the power of free will to create any kind of life your heart desires. Saturn will give your discipline to work hard at achieving goals and then reward you!

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