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Past Life Healing: Take Your Heart Back!

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Over twenty years ago, shortly before my strange, near-death experience, I began hearing my inner voice say, "There's something wrong with your heart and you're not going to live much longer." Shortly thereafter, I found myself lifting out of my body one night, floating into that multidimensional space in time where I met some light beings who non-verbally directed me to return. The experience was pretty typical for these kinds of phenomenon.

Around this same time, I received more visitations from a friend who passed away years earlier and also sought out my first past-life regression.

One of the phenomenon I don't mention much but that is incredibly important is the fact that during that session, aside from the epiphanies I received from going into past lives, something incredible happened that changed my life for the better. I got my heart back. Allow me to explain.

During the session, I met with my deceased friend and asked if he had anything that belonged to me. Lo and behold, to my stunned amazement, I saw my heart appear on his hands. I couldn't believe it! I "imagined" myself lifting the heart from his hands and placing it back in my chest, and I had an immediate sensation where I felt that I became whole again and fully operational. In fact, whatever sent me into that light, the mysterious "virus" that nobody could diagnose at the hospital ER the night this happened, never, ever came back again. I suppose my inner guidance was right. Kind of. There was something wrong with my heart—I didn't have possession of mine.

You may wonder how such a thing could happen, and yet this is something that comes up quite often in regressions and like me, it can be one of the most important healing outcomes people receive during a session. Here are a few of the many ways people inadvertently give their hearts away:

  1. On the playground in school: We've all had young love, right? What if your tender heart fell head-over-heels in love with the cute kid with the freckles and curly hair on the playground in grade school and somehow, unbeknownst to you, you gave your heart to him or her, along with a tender kiss? Believe me, this happens all the time!
  2. In adolescence: I must tell you that every day of my life, I thank God that I am not a teenager anymore. Remember those raging hormones? Thinking that something had ruined your life irreparably forever? Yeah, me too, and it wasn't fun at all. So imagine how you may have willingly given your heart to that first real love. You forgot all about that person, but your heart is still with them.
  3. In adulthood in your current life: There are too many examples to name where this may have happened to you. You may have given your heart to someone later in your current life, and again, the challenge is that you are probably like me—totally unaware that you've done that.
  4. Past Lives: Our souls are vast and we have traveled through the multiverse in many lifetimes, many bodies and lot of experiences. Again, there are so many possible places where you could have dropped off your heart and you may be living your current life without something that you have not held in thousands of years.

You may wonder why this is important, or why you should care to take note and action to rectify this situation and take your heart back from whoever you gave it to. Let me share a few of the many results of this action:

  1. Physical Challenges: Like me, you may have a physical heart challenge. Please know that if that's the case, you obviously need medical attention. But what if there is something beyond the physical? We do hear much about the fact that many diseases and illnesses begin in the spiritual realm. For me, the reconnected heart really helped me tremendously!
  2. Relationship Challenges: I cannot tell you the number of people who wanted a regression to try and find out why they could not get a relationship to stick who found out that they did not even have their own hearts! It's kinda tough to love somebody if a medieval knight or an Irish princess took yours from you or you gave it away and had no idea you'd done it. This one issue and consciously reconnecting your heart can easily remedy that problem!
  3. General Challenges: We're all one, and yet we're all so different. The heart is so wise and because we now know that your heart actually has its own brain (your stomach does, too, according to the HeartMath Institute) so when it's missing, you could just lack overall vitality, have difficulties getting even business things going. We all should strive to love what we do, right? But what if we can't because again, we're too busy loving that gorgeous person back in ancient Egypt?

So how can you remedy this challenge? My latest book, Journeys Through the Akashic Records has tons of guided imagery exercises designed to help you find the answers to all the big questions in life. In the book, I've included all of the one-off exercises I've used successfully with clients who have unusual challenges, including one where you meet with the higher self of someone and experience something similar to what I did years ago that was so helpful. The process involves asking if another person has something that belongs to you and then taking it back. The taking it back part is another area that gets tricky for some people. What if you don't want it back? What if you want to love so-and-so forever? Well, that's entirely up to you, of course, but I will encourage you now and in the book that your life will be more complete if you have your heart intact. Who knows, you may find someone else you'd like to give it to later! (I'm kidding, of course. Please keep it! You need it!)

And for those who took a heart from someone else, a phenomenon that also happens, please, give it back. You will lighten your energetic load and feel better and more able to move forward with someone else or in new circumstances that will hopefully lead to greater joy and happiness in the current lifetime.

That's the reason why we do any of this in the first place—to make the now a more wonderful adventure. Pick up a copy of Journeys Through the Akashic Records, and while you're at it, please pick up your heart!

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For two decades, Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD (Dallas, TX) has worked with thousands of people around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives. A world-renowned past-life regressionist, Dr. ...

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