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A Story About Saturn: Aliza’s Four Daily Practices For Writers (And For Anyone Wrestling With A Goal)

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I'm a writer. I'm a psychic astrologer, too, and tarot card reader, but that stuff, the metaphysical work, came later, much later, in my life. And not long ago, when I noticed that Saturn, planet of restriction and limitation, was readying himself to enter a certain part of my birth chart having to do with routine and daily life, I had a feeling. I had a feeling that my writing (along with other daily life habits), was about to take a hit. I had to get ready. I had to make a plan.

Dear Reader, here's the whole truth and nothing but: I did not make a plan. I saw the transit coming from a mile away. (A transit is where a planet is now, in the sky, and how it might affect you.) I wasn't blindsided. I put the blindfold on willingly, like the Two of Swords or the Eight of Swords from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. I closed my eyes, hoped for the best, and swam in the river of denial and forgetfulness.

Flash forward to, oh, the past six months, and Saturn is making himself at home in that sensitive part of my birth chart, the part that not only rules habit and routine, but health as well. There I was struggling with multiple chronic health issues. None of it was life-threatening, but it sure was disruptive. All I wanted to do was WRITE. I had set for myself a goal of a new book proposal, and all I could do was stop and start and stop and start again. It was making me sad and angry (and I'm still feeling sad and angry because I haven't yet completed my task).

What did Saturn want? I think Saturn wanted the plan I never made; but, more than that, Saturn wanted my patience and tenacity (don't give up!) and, believe it or not, Saturn wanted my flexibility. Saturn these days is in the sign of Aquarius, a sign not known for its adaptability but well known for its originality and uniqueness. What I needed was to be innovative with my day, my schedule. I couldn't follow anyone else's plan. I couldn't even follow my own writing plans or schedules from years past. I had to invent something new to get the job done. I had to be flexible in what I thought was possible in how I lived my day-to-day life. Maybe an old dog (such as myself, woof) could learn a new trick. Saturn likes to cause trouble, you see, but usually with a purpose.

Here, my friends, are thus four suggestions to help you with your writing goals (or with any daily goal with which you are wrestling, but writing is my example in this story), whether or not you are under an annoying Saturn transit! My new book, A Mystical Practical Guide to Magic, has a lot more to say on this topic of writing practice and magic and your spiritual life (and much much more).

1. When you wake up, pick one Tarot card for yourself. Just one. You could also use an oracle deck, but I am a tarot lover. Have this question in mind: how should I approach my writing today? If you see the Knight of Wands, you should probably get to the desk as soon as possible. Maybe the muse is coming for tea and you mustn't be late. If you draw the Strength card, inspiration might be slow going. Four of Swords may portend that you need to skip the writing session altogether that day and take a break. You could even ask your deck: "Should I write today?" Make sure to ask for a clear message. "Dear darling beloved Tarot, heavenly guides and goddesses, aliens, wolves, whoever: I NEED TO FINISH THIS CHAPTER. WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW???"

Look at the card. Listen to the card. Try not to throw the card across the room, even if you don't like the answer.

2. What sign is the moon in? Look online if you don't have an astrological calendar. Now, there are all kinds of things to consider when it comes to the moon (such as new moons and full moons, eclipses, etc.), but I want you to keep it simple. Here's an example: if the moon is in Virgo, it's a day to focus on details, probably better for editing than making fresh, new writing. Is the moon in Sagittarius? This is a good day to have an adventure and take your writing on the road and write in a coffee shop. Moon in Pisces? A good day for imaginative anything. Maybe do some free-writing or journaling. Consult your local astrologer for decoding what the moon wants from you.

3. Move your body. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to go for walks in the city. You can keep your greenery; I want sidewalk and steel. But, you don't have to go outside to move your body. You can do an intense workout at home, or comforting stretches, or breathing in and out and in and out. Maybe making a cup of coffee is all the movement you need. Maybe you'll do shoulder shrugs and ankle rolls. Or, you can clean the house (and come clean mine while you're at it). See, moving the body will prime your mind, your third eye, and your imagination for the creativity of the day. My preference is change of scenery, light, and fresh air. For you, it might be sweeping the floor and one artfully chosen yoga pose.

4. Suggestion number four is about trust, that you start to learn to trust yourself even if you miss one writing session (or an entire week or entire month). Not a simple action step, I know. Sometimes we have to push ourselves and sometimes the feelings and body must override the urge to be productive. Let's say you get the Four of Swords (rest, dear writer) and the moon is in cave-dwelling Cancer and you can't imagine lifting pen to paper. Trust that you will return to the work. Trust that you will return to the writing. The world can be so hard. The world is so hard right now. The last thing that will help is harshness like bricks on your back. It is possible to develop a relationship of kindness with yourself. How you do this is by doing it, over and over.

Again, these tips aren’t only for writers and writing, but can apply to any habit or practice or task that you are wrestling with. One last point: if you're under a Saturn (or other) difficult astrology transit, know that it will pass, it will end. You will open your eyes one fine morning without Pluto or Saturn making you feel like a motherless child. Trust that you can reach the goal you've set for yourself. I believe in you.

About Aliza Einhorn

Aliza Einhorn is a poet and playwright, with an MFA from the Iowa Writers' workshop. For over a decade, she's made her living as an astrologer and tarot reader. Her first book The Little Book of Saturn was published in 2018 ...

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