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Job Hunting by the Moon

Empty Chair for Job Interview

Does anyone really ever enjoy a job interview? A job interview is about as much fun as a blind date: you have to look your best, quell your rising levels of desperation and anxiety, and behave charmingly under pressure. And just as any blind date is a gamble, there is no guarantee that you'll "click" with your interviewer—provided you land an interview in the first place.

The self-employed aren't completely off the hook, either. After all, the process of wooing prospective customers and clients can feel remarkably like a job interview. If you're a contractor or business owner, it can be challenging to gain an advantage over your competition and win the trust and business of customers.

Assuming you've got a fantastic resume, have done your research, and don't walk into appointments with grime under your fingernails, how can you stand out from the competition? Basic astrology—specifically, the sign and aspects of the Moon—can help you make a strong impression and improve your chances of landing a great job.

The Mood of the Day
As anyone in advertising can tell you, when you're preparing a pitch—whether for a job, a client, or a prospective romantic partner—it's essential to understand the mood of the room. Larger planetary trends on any given day are certainly important, but the Moon, as the astrological ruler of daily affairs, describes the atmosphere on the ground. How is everyone feeling? To which things, people, colors, and qualities are we instinctively drawn? Are people especially impatient, cutting each other off in traffic and exchanging rude gestures? Chances are good the Moon is in Aries or in aspect to Mars. Overwhelmed with a sudden desire to clean out your filing cabinets? Hello, Moon in Virgo!

Understanding the Moon's sign and aspects on a given day can help you better tailor your presentation to your audience. And depending on your own Sun, Moon, or rising sign, you gain the upper hand on days when the Moon is in certain signs, as others are more receptive to your natural style during those days.

Lunar Aspects
The aspects formed by the Moon to other planets are another indication of the day's mood. Look at the table of aspects included in Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book to find the Moon's aspects on the day of your interview. A guide such as Llewellyn's Astrological Pocket Planner, which lists the exact times of these aspects, can also be useful; the lunar aspect closest to your appointment will nearly always be quite descriptive of the interview.

A Note About the Void-of-Course Moon
If you have the option, avoid scheduling interviews for times when the Moon is void-of-course. These interviews are more likely to be cancelled or rescheduled, and if they do take place, they may be less apt to result in a job offer. Often, the void-of-course Moon signifies that the position itself will be cancelled before it is filled or that a candidate has already been essentially chosen. This is less likely to be the case if it's your second or third interview for the same job. In these cases, the void-of-course Moon may indicate that the candidate who has already been selected is you!

Twelve Moons, Twelve Moods
Moon in Aries (or approaching aspect to Mars):

Today's mood is colored by impatience, so be prepared to get to the point and don't be dismayed if your interviewer is terse or hurries through your interview. Prepare concise answers to predictable questions, speak quickly, and be assertive. It's an especially good day to interview for jobs in sales, mechanics, athletics, or those connected with the military. Advantage to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and to some extent Gemini, Scorpio, and Aquarius. What to wear: Aries, a fire sign, favors all shades of red to make you seem more dynamic and confident. Aries rules the head, so pay special attention to your hair and teeth. But don't go overboard: you should look tidy and attractive, but streamlined and ready for action. Aries is attracted to whatever is new and trendy, so don't be afraid to break out an outfit or accessory that pushes the envelope of professionalism just a little.

Moon in Taurus (or approaching aspect to Venus):
The hectic pace of the Moon in Aries gives way to a more relaxed mood today, and good manners count. Taurus is a sign that respects confidence and competence but has little patience for showboating or gross displays of egotism. Present your case thoroughly, emphasizing practical skills and common sense, but don't oversell. It's a good day for interviews related to work in finance, agriculture/gardening, and engineering. Advantage to Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and to some extent Cancer, Libra, and Pisces. What to wear: Calming, earthy Taurus has an eye for luxury, so pull out your most classic and expensive outfit in the richest textures and fabrics. Wearing soft shades of rose and blue will help you project a soothing image, and a hint of very subtle fragrance can be appealing.

Moon in Gemini (or approaching aspect to Mercury):
Conversation rules the day, so be prepared for your interview to begin and finish late to accommodate a lot of chitchat. It's more important today to sell yourself as a person who's fun to have around than it is to offer an exhaustive recitation of your achievements and qualifications. It's a good day to interview for jobs in communication, media, sales, and advertising. Advantage to Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and to some extent Aries, Leo, and Virgo. What to wear: We seek variety when the Moon is in Gemini, so contrasting colors and patterns, if chosen carefully, can be effective today. An interesting accessory, such as a lapel pin or cufflinks, demonstrates attention to detail and appeals to Gemini's curiosity.

Moon in Cancer (ruled by the Moon):
Emotions run high today, and the outcome of any interview is unpredictable. Even if you make a great impression, by the time the Moon enters Leo, your interviewer may have decided to go with a completely different type of candidate. Be calming, steady, and sensitive to the mood of the room—but not oversensitive. It's a good day to interview for jobs in public relations, health care, and food service industries. Advantage to Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and to some extent Taurus and Virgo. What to wear: Conservative clothes in shades of soft gray, silver, or blue are the order of the day. Cancer has a nostalgic streak, so old-fashioned touches such as a pocket watch or pearl earrings are a respectful nod to tradition.

Moon in Leo (or approaching aspect to the Sun):
Everyone wants to feel like a star today, so convey genuine admiration for your interviewer and the company that he or she represents. It's always a good idea to send a thank-you note after an interview, but even more important when the Moon is in Leo. This is a good day to interview for jobs requiring performance skills (teacher, trial lawyer, actor, trainer), working with children, or working in arts or entertainment (casinos, theaters, theme parks). Advantage to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and to some extent Gemini and Libra. What to wear: People expect some color and razzle-dazzle while the Moon is in dramatic Leo. Colors can be bold—scarlet, gold, orange—but the cut and fabrics should be classic and impeccable.

Moon in Virgo (or approaching aspect to Mercury):
Today, project an image of competence, precision, and attention to detail. Have your resume double-checked by a professional to make sure it is perfect, and ensure that your grooming is flawless—you will definitely be judged for your missing buttons and rundown loafers. It's a great day to interview for jobs requiring organization, logic, and problem-solving ability, such as administrative assistant, health care professional, accountant, information technician or programmer, or administrator. Advantage to Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and to some extent Gemini, Cancer, and Scorpio. What to wear: Classic gray and navy blue are safe bets for Virgo Moon days, with perhaps a bit of pinstripe or an interesting weave to provide some texture. Wear simple jewelry and accessories, and practical, well-made shoes.

Moon in Libra (or approaching aspect to Venus):
Today of all days, interviewers want to see a team player. Emphasize your ability to get along with others, to see both sides of an issue, and to put the customer first. It's a great day to interview for jobs that emphasize public relations, sales, customer service, advocacy, and human resources. Advantage to Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and to some extent Taurus, Leo, and Sagittarius. What to wear:Libra is especially attuned to fashion, so wear fine fabrics such as silk or linen in soft shades, perhaps with accents of soft rose or blue. Your makeup, hair, and nails must be impeccable; your accessories, tasteful but elegant. A faint whiff of fragrance is fine, but keep it very light—nothing heavy or musky.

Moon in Scorpio (or approaching aspect to Mars or Pluto):
The Moon's passage through Scorpio is a time of great creativity, and most interviewers would rather be doing their own work than interviewing you. Don't attempt to charm or cajole your way into the job, just be honest and direct about your experience and qualifications. Good eye contact and a firm handshake are vital. It's a good interview day for jobs related to security, law enforcement, or detective work; investments, insurance, or mortgages; or extreme environments or circumstances, such as emergency response, toxic substances, or death and dying. Advantage to Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and to some extent Aries, Virgo, and Capricorn. What to wear: Scorpio favors strong colors, such as crimson or even a touch of chartreuse; use them to accent a strong black or charcoal suit with a strong cut. Women can get away with wearing a slightly stronger shade of lipstick than usual, along with a bit of smoky eyeliner and shadow—but don't overdo it.

Moon in Sagittarius (or approaching aspect to Jupiter):
The brooding Scorpio Moon gives way to a brighter, cheerier mood as the Moon enters Sagittarius. An upbeat, positive attitude and a quickness to laugh will endear you to interviewers. Sagittarius is also the sign of higher education, so credentials count. It's a good day to interview for jobs in academia, the travel industry, and intercultural affairs. Sagittarius' affinity for large animals also makes it a good day to interview for jobs working in zoos, for veterinary practices, or at racetracks. Advantage to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and to some extent Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces. What to wear: When the Moon is in Sagittarius, people respond well to deep blues, teal, and touches of plum. Wearing a necktie or scarf with an exotic pattern or an accessory from another culture will excite the Sagittarian love of foreign lands.

Moon in Capricorn (or approaching aspect to Saturn):
People feel overburdened today, and your interviewer probably sees you as another unwelcome task to be crossed off his or her "to do" list! Present yourself as serious, responsible, respectful, and extremely hard working. Address interviewers using last names unless invited to use first names. Today is a good day to interview for management positions and for work in industries that are conservative and traditional (engineering, financial services) or related to physical labor (especially construction, concrete, and masonry). Advantage to Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and to some extent Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces. What to wear: The most traditional of signs, Capricorn responds to conventional clothes in classic shades of black, white, blue, and gray. Don't skimp on quality or cut—well-tailored suits and good-quality shoes lend an air of prosperity, dignity, and tradition that appeals to Capricorn.

Moon in Aquarius (or approaching aspect to Saturn or Uranus):
Aquarius is the sign of rule-breakers, so you can get away with displaying a spark of individuality in most interviews. Be yourself, but demonstrate that you can find common ground with absolutely anyone. Treat everyone you meet, from janitors and receptionists to the CEO, with warmth and friendly respect. It's a good day to interview for jobs in public relations, politics, start-up companies, technology, and media. Advantage to Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and to some extent Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. What to wear: Bright shades of blue are Aquarian favorites, along with flashes of silver jewelry. Underneath its friendly exterior, though, Aquarius has a strong conservative streak. The rule of thumb is to match one of your expensive, conservative Capricorn suits with one shiny, unexpected accent color or accessory.

Moon in Pisces (or approaching aspect to Jupiter or Neptune):
The mood is either empathetic or self-pitying today, and interviewers are inclined to be a little more talkative—and sometimes a little indiscreet. Flow with the mood of the room as closely as possible without expressing any negativity. It's a good day to interview for work in health care, social work, the arts, metaphysics, travel, or intercultural environments. Advantage to Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and to some extent Taurus, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. What to wear: Expressive, artistic Pisces is perhaps the trendiest of all signs, so pull out one of your more fashionable outfits. Pisces favors the colors of the sea—soft greens and blues, turquoise—and flowing, softly draped fabrics.

Getting in Sync
When economic factors are against you or if your qualifications are not all they could be, you'll need a lot more than the Moon's help to improve your odds of landing a job. In the end, of course, not even a thriving economy, years of preparation, and great qualifications can guarantee that you'll land your ideal job. You can be the best-qualified applicant for a position yet fail your interview simply because you didn't click with the personality of a particular interviewer on a given day. Knowing and getting in sync with the mood of the day can help you appeal to interviewers on a critical, subliminal level, and ensure they are left with a good feeling about you, even if they're not sure why. So, polish your resume, buff your best shoes, dry-clean your best outfit—and make the Moon your employment agent!

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