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Surviving Venus and Mars Retrogrades


In my new book, How to Survive Mercury Retrograde (And Venus & Mars, Too), I emphasize that a retrograde planet can be used productively. A planet does not have to be moving in direct motion to get positive results. The backward motion of a planet through an astrological sign gets us to be more reflective and does, to some degree, slow down our reaction time to situations.

Many people are aware of the trials and tribulations that can come with Mercury retrograde periods. But what about surviving—and thriving—during periods of Venus retrograde and Mars retrograde? Below I offer a few tips from my new book.

Venus Retrograde
In chapter three of my new book I offer survival tips to better get a handle on Venus retrogrades. Survival Tip 1 for surviving a Venus retrograde period is to "Embrace Your Decisions." The tendency to obsessively weigh decisions during a Venus retrograde can cause indecision, and it is vital during a Venus retrograde to stay focused regarding key decisions. It is very possible during a Venus retrograde to make clear choices. If you stay emotionally centered it is easier to follow through on a goal. You might need some encouragement from a friend or lover. Then again, you may decide to ignore what other people think and just please yourself.

What does the relationship-oriented Venus offer us when moving retrograde? If you are entering a new romantic relationship, it is wise to take it slow. You want to make sure you are entering a relationship that has everything you hope to find in the person. Keeping a relationship light is probably wise during a Venus retrograde. However, keep in mind that you could have met a great soul mate.

Survival Tip 3 for surviving Venus retrograde in my new book is to "Deal with Your Relationship Issues." A Venus retrograde could be when you are willing to tackle old problems with others. You and a person with whom you are trying to resolve an issue may find it easier to see both sides of an issue at this time. You may even realize it is time to let go of the past and move forward.

Whereas a Mercury retrograde cycle lasts about three weeks, a Venus retrograde goes on for about six weeks. During this time period you could be assessing if friends or romantic partners are treating you as an equal. You could make new friends and join groups that better meet your current needs. It is that reflecting theme of retrograde planets that can find you taking a new look at what you value in a relationship. If you have been enduring a difficult and draining partnership, the comforting energy of Venus might be encouraging to give yourself a break from the stress. It may be a pause in a relationship during a Venus retrograde can help you and a partner figure out a better way to make a relationship work! The two of you may decide it is time to get past the emotional blocks or other problem issues.

There is also a business side of Venus. Survival Tip 5 in How to Survive Mercury Retrograde (And Venus & Mars, Too) is "Put a New Job Plan into Action." During a Venus retrograde you might be wanting to make a job or career change. You may have outgrown your current situation. Since Venus is connected to personal values and earning a living, you may decide during a Venus retrograde to move on a desire to make a leap to a new job. Some individuals have successfully started a new business under a Venus retrograde. Why might this occur? It is because he or she is tuning into a cherished drive for new self-discovery. It could simply come down to finding a job that feels more rewarding. The force may feel like it is with you and the universe is saying it is time to move forward.

Mars Retrograde
Mars retrograde cycles last about eight weeks when they occur. This warrior planet, when in retrograde motion, can feel like you are taking one step forward and three back. Mars symbolizes our need to be assertive and to take bold action when needed. Our pioneering spirit is embedded in the energy of this fiery planet. Without Mars in our life we lack a sense of adventure. In chapter four of my new book you will find survival tips for getting a grip on Mars retrograde.

Survival Tip 5 for surviving Mars retrograde is to "Finish What You Start." Mars is great for getting us to begin a project, but during a Mars retrograde you need to be extra diligent in getting a plan to the finish line. You will feel less frustrated if you pace yourself and don't give into frustration. Delays in getting a goal accomplished will test your competitive drive. It is important not to let self-doubt get in your way. Patience might need to be your mantra.

What if you need to take a risk during a Mars retrograde? Survival Tip 8 in my new book for surviving Mars retrograde is to "Take That Leap of Faith." You could find yourself being presented with a new opportunity that you feel would be a mistake to let pass you by. So don't fear putting your best foot forward. You can attract good fortune during a Mars retrograde if you have a positive attitude. Playing it safe is not really the way Mars encourages us to act in the world; just be careful to consider if the new opportunity is everything it appears it might be. To look before you leap is wise during a Mars retrograde. Spontaneity is stimulated by Mars. A fear of change can be conquered. The universe may be offering you a ticket to a new life direction. Self-confidence can burst through when you take that first step through a new door. When you are through to the other side you will wonder why you even hesitated.

The beginning of a Mars retrograde could find you needing more rest than usual. This would be especially true if you have been in a fast pace or under much stress going into this retrograde. If you pace yourself you can rebuild your energy quickly. The interesting thing about a Mars retrograde is that if you stay positive in thought it really helps you get your momentum back fast.

You can launch a new project or enter new situations during a Mars retrograde. You can discover a new self-confidence and determination to make a dream come true. Don't let a temporary obstacle discourage you from taking on a new challenge. Dealing with adversity during a Mars retrograde can be a growth promoting experience.

When planets are orbiting in their retrograde cycle they can seem a bit mysterious. Why might this be? My own theory is that retrogrades bring out our intuition. It is not that our logic disappears. It is an opportunity for our intuition to speak boldly and guide us in making the right choices. I would like to leave you with the encouragement to not let the retrograde cycles of the planets cause you to feel great anxiety. Hidden within their magical dance through the sky are messages to trust your inner instincts and believe in your capacity to make successful choices for an abundant future!

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