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The Care and Feeding of Your Moon Sign

The Moon

Want to feel nourished, safe, and secure in the midst of these changing times? Your astrological moon sign can help you better understand what "feeds" you at a deep level, helping you to stay grounded and supported even in the midst of chaos and transitions. The moon sign gives us inside information on what keeps us feeling nurtured and at home in the world. From the food we eat for sustenance to the home environment in which we live, the moon rules over our basic needs in life. When we are able to meet these needs, we usually feel a greater sense of security and stability, regardless of what the external circumstances of our life may be. Read on to find out how to feed and care for your own astrological moon sign:

    The Moon in Aries feels nurtured when it is involved in activities that lead to experiences of self-discovery. The Aries moon is brave and fearless when it comes to facing their own emotions and thrives on experiences where they are able to take risks and meet new challenges that may arise in personal relationships.

    The Aries moon needs to be surrounded by a home environment that is bold, confident, and expresses who they are. They also want to feel that they have some kind of position of leadership in their homes, and to know that they have the freedom and space to change both their furnishings and their mind as needed.

    Feed the Aries moon colorful, vibrant, live foods such as beets, kale, and carrots. These vegetables cleanse and nourish the liver, the organ associated with anger in Chinese Medicine Theory.

    Lunar Mood

    The Aries lunar mood is anger. Aries anger usually burns off fairly quickly once Aries gets a chance to let it out, but they do need the space and room to express themselves. Aries Moon can benefit from learning anger management skills, especially when they are younger.

    The Moon in Taurus craves safety, security, and routine. They feel nurtured when they are fed, touched, or cared for physically in some way. They process their feelings best when they are in comfortable and familiar surroundings, and they have a steady and careful approach to how they experience and respond emotionally.

    Taurus moon needs to have beauty and routine be part of their home environment, and they thrive when they are fed comfort foods that are hearty and delicious. Taurus Moon appreciates tradition and regularity and wants their homes to have a quality of beauty, comfort and have a sense of familiarity.

    Feed Taurus traditional comfort foods like potatoes and hearty stews, as well as sensual foods like mangos and chocolate. This will soothe their need for security and sensual satiation.

    Lunar Mood
    Taurus Moon's lunar mood is placid and calm, which can sometimes turn into a stagnant or stuck quality. Taurus Moon benefits from probing into their emotional realm and digging beneath the surface for hidden treasures of the psyche.

    The Moon in Gemini is soothed by connecting and communicating with others. This makes a verbal or written outlet for expressing their feelings absolutely necessary, and the more varied and interesting these interactions are, the better.

    Moon in Gemini needs to have a home environment where they have easy and immediate access to phones, computers, and other communication devices. They also appreciate connecting to their neighbors, and enjoy chatting with the people they interact with in their daily errands. All of these activities help them to feel more at home.

    Snack food and food easy to eat while on the go will please the Gemini moon. Gemini moon likes food that has a "snap, crackle, and pop," so popcorn, healthy chips, and crispy veggies are all good choices.

    Lunar Mood
    Curiosity is the most prevalent emotional tone for Moon in Gemini. This moon always wants more information and facts. The Moon in Gemini can benefit from sometimes undertaking a self-imposed "information diet," which can help them digest their feelings and emotions without additional stimuli and outside input.

    Moon in Cancer feels safe and secure when surrounded by family and close friends. They thrive on deep emotional connections, and appreciate sharing their memories of past times with others. Cancer moon needs to have a home environment that feels comfortable and relaxed, a space where they can safely hide and retreat when needed.

    This moon appreciates having something in the home that they can nurture, whether this be human, plant, or animal. They also need the environment where they sleep to be particularly comfortable and soothing, since the dream world is so important to Cancer moon.

    Cancer moons will feel nurtured eating foods that they remember from childhood, or associate as "comfort" foods. Try healthier versions of childhood junk foods such as mashed potatoes, with olive oil to replace butter.

    Lunar Mood
    Cancer moon carries a tone of nostalgia, where their present-day reality is always tinged a bit by their memories of the past. They can help keep a balance by reminding themselves of what they are grateful for in their present day lives, and focusing on goals they have for the future.

    Moon in Leo feels nurtured and emotionally supported when they are expressing themselves and receiving attention and appreciation in response. This moon must have some kind of creative outlet or regular play/fun time in order to feel comfortable and secure in the world.

    They like to be in charge at home, and want to feel that they have a space or domain to "rule" over, and others around them who they can be generous to and perform for. They appreciate a lively, fun home environment, where they can entertain and interact with others.

    Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus-based foods will support Moon in Leo's solar nature and provide extra Vitamin C to help their immune system.

    Lunar Mood
    Moon in Leo's lunar mood is pride. Involvement in group or community projects can help this moon evolve and grow.

    Moon in Virgo needs time to analyze and dissect their feelings. They may need to periodically "de-clutter" old emotional baggage and wounds from the past in order to feel more at peace. Moon in Virgo feels safe and secure when they are providing a form of service to someone and are feeling needed and valued for this service.

    Though they may not need their house to be clean, they do like to have a certain order or cohesion in the way their house is decorated and arranged. They may particularly appreciate celebrating seasonal rituals and holidays in their home.

    Feed Moon in Virgo whole grains such as quinoa, rice, and millet. This supports and nurtures their nervous system and improves digestion.

    Lunar Mood
    Moon in Virgo's lunar mood is worry. This state can be balanced and calmed by time spent in nature or through prayer and meditation.

    Moon in Libra needs calm and balance to feel safe and secure. They feel nurtured when they are around friends and mates, socializing and interacting with others.

    Libra Moon may need time to gain equilibrium and have time to rebalance when they are exposed to chaotic environments. They are soothed by beauty in all forms, and benefit from time spent in nature.

    Moon in Libra likes to live in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and free from conflict and upheaval. They particularly enjoy living with others, especially a partner or mate. Libra Moons love to entertain at home, and make excellent hosts and hostesses.

    Feed Moon in Libra with a little bit of all the flavors: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, etc. to provide a sense of balance. Provide healthy alternative sweeteners such as agave nectar and brown rice syrup to address this Moon's sweet tooth.

    Lunar Mood
    Moon in Libra's lunar mood is peacefulness and calm. This moon can evolve and grow through taking risks and trying new things.

    Moon in Scorpio needs time to retreat and be alone in order to feed themselves emotionally. They feel safe and secure when they have a private, secure environment to process their feelings and a space to spend time alone.

    They are nurtured by deep emotional connections with people they trust, yet they always feel more secure when they keep some secrets to themselves. Scorpio Moon needs to live in a home where they can feel powerful and in control. They do better when they own their own home or have a sense of authority around how the home is run.

    Moon in Scorpio will appreciate foods with intense flavor and depth, such as wild mushrooms or dishes that involve a complex blending of flavor.

    Lunar Mood
    Moon in Scorpio's lunar mood is brooding. They can gain balance by spending time enjoying the physical comforts of life, reveling in the pleasures offered by the five senses.

    Moon in Sagittarius feels safe and secure when they are exploring and expanding their experiences of the world. This Moon is emotionally fed by exposure to new and diverse environments. They need to feel that they are constantly growing and learning about life and always have a new adventure in the works. Moon in Sagittarius appreciates a home environment where they have the space and freedom to come and go as they please, without too many constraints or expectations.

    They appreciate a home décor that reflects their interests in other cultures and countries, and enjoy socializing and entertaining with diverse groups of people.

    Moon in Sagittarius thrives on foods prepared with ample spice and flavor and appreciates creativity and playfulness in their meals.

    Lunar Mood
    Moon in Sagittarius' lunar mood is faith. Though a generally positive state, this moon can grow arrogant in its attachment to beliefs. Balance this lunar mood by spending time listening to the opinions, beliefs, and ideas of others with respect and openness.

    Moon in Capricorn thrives emotionally when they feel secure about their work or "position" in the world. They are best able to process their feelings when they have a safe place to spend time alone and in silence. Moon in Capricorn appreciates time spent with old friends with whom they feel secure and comfortable. They are emotionally nurtured by tradition, routine, and structure, and can feel destabilized when these qualities are missing from their lives.

    In their home environment they want a certain amount of solitude and privacy. They like to be surrounded by antiques or family heirlooms and appreciate "quality" rather than quantity in their home furnishings.

    Traditional foods that are simple and made with quality ingredients will nourish Moon in Capricorn. This Moon thrives on a full meal with an entrée, sides, and salad rather than just a quick snack on the run.

    Lunar Mood
    Moon in Capricorn lunar mood is sadness, or a serious approach to life. They can benefit from spending time around younger people or family, and engaging in activities that free up their imagination and emotions.

    Moon in Aquarius feels nurtured and secure when they have plenty of space and freedom to be themselves. They appreciate time spent with friends and in community gatherings, and enjoy being involved in projects that help others in some way. They can feel constricted and oppressed when they need to follow too tight of a schedule or stick to routines.

    They like a home environment where they are free to come and go without too much commitment or responsibility. They enjoy socializing and hosting groups and events, and sometimes use their homes as gathering or meeting places. They like to decorate their homes in a unique and offbeat style that expresses their individuality.

    Feed Moon in Aquarius unusual food combinations that combine unique flavors and ingredients, like Chocolate Chili or raw pasta made from vegetables.

    Lunar Mood

    The Aquarius moon can have feeling of detachment or disconnection about them. They can balance their lunar mood by engaging in creative or playful activities that bring them into the present moment.

    Moon in Pisces feels nurtured when living in an environment where they are supported in their dreams and imagination. They feel most comfortable when they have a space to pray or escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily world. They also may need a certain amount of time alone to commune with nature or pray.

    Moon in Pisces enjoys being surrounded by creative environments where inspiration and imagination thrive. They like to have the space to follow their intuitions in their home, rather than having set rules or schedules. This moon is drawn to a home décor that is whimsical and full of magic and creativity.

    Moon in Pisces will feel nourished by food from the ocean. Seaweed, fish, and other sea creatures will provide sustenance and enjoyment to this most watery of the moons.

    Lunar Mood
    Moon in Pisces has a spacey or dreamy feeling tone that can be balanced by getting more connected to their bodies through exercise in nature or giving and receiving massage.

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