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The Paranormal: A New Science of the 21st Century

UFO in the Sky

"Paranormal" simply refers to something outside of normal. When we think of paranormal phenomena, the first things that come to mind are ghosts, poltergeists, and psychic communication with other worlds. However, there is another side to these strange occurrences that includes UFOs, alien contact, and the appearance of unusual creatures.

I am a paranormal researcher; over the past thirty years I have investigated every form of paranormal happening imaginable and have compiled an extensive library covering the details of my work in over 2700 case investigations. Despite this great amount of data, I am always amazed by the similarities of reports that span from hauntings to UFOs. Although I have spent quite a great deal of time chasing down strange happenings, my full-time profession is as a science educator; I have been teaching astronomy, earth science, and chemistry for the past twenty-eight years. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, and this makes me one of the few UFO/paranormal investigators with a real scientific background. I try to use science as much as possible when conducting an investigation, but since we are dealing with what I believe is a new branch of science our instruments and the so-called scientific method breaks down when researching these so-called borderline sciences.

No matter how skeptical you are, there are three things that cannot be denied: that reports of paranormal experiences exist, that they persist, and they are increasingly occurring on a global scale. The same types of reports that we receive in the United States are taking place all over the world, including in places that are not influenced by the media of the United States and Europe. The cases are so similar that there is no doubt that people are seeing and reporting the same thing.

Although I have investigated all claims of the paranormal, my "expertise" in the field has centered on UFO reports. This is because I was the chief investigator during one of the best documented of all UFO flaps, the Hudson Valley UFO Sightings. The UFO sightings took place between the years of 1982-1995; thousands of people in that area of New York encountered something that they believe was not from our Earth; these sightings are documented in my book Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings. During the duration of these sightings there were reports of a giant UFO (larger than an aircraft carrier) that silently flew over ten counties in New York and three in nearby Connecticut. These were "typical" sightings of a UFO, but other types of reports that spanned the paranormal spectrum were also taking place at the same time, including the appearances of ghosts, outbreaks of poltergeist activity, and the appearance of alien and other strange creatures. These other cases were labeled "High Strangeness Reports" since they were not of the UFO ilk but took place during and after its appearance. It was as if the monstrous UFO opened up some type of doorway to a strange world, allowing our plane of reality to be bombarded with all types of phenomena. The High Strangeness Reports intrigued me and I investigated most of them, especially those that seemed to be an offshoot of the UFO phenomenon

During my research I found a definite correlation between the locations of intense magnetic anomalies in the area and the paranormal reports. Also, although many of the people who saw the Hudson Valley UFO were from all walks of life, the majority had never before had a sighting. A very high percentage of the witnesses who had a paranormal experience (High Strangeness Report) had active or dormant psychic abilities, with many of them having similar encounters as a child or sometime in the past.

After the Hudson Valley Sightings, I investigated not only encounters with UFOs but also all claims of the paranormal. Each new case that I collected was compared with my previous research, and after gathering enough data I began to see the connection between reports of the paranormal and UFOs.

My book, Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena and Other Dimensional Beings, compares the paranormal cases with the UFO reports showing that they are related. Like Einstein, who searched all his life for a unified theory to tie together all the forces in the universe, I looked for a similar theory to show that all paranormal events are related. I believe I have finally found the connection to tie together all forms of paranormal phenomenon, from UFOs to hauntings.

When human beings are confronted with things they cannot understand most will try to attribute them to supernatural causes. Such was the case during the 18th century, when science was starting to bloom. Despite all scientific advances, including the discovery of the planet Uranus, no one was able to explain what powered the sun. The scientists during that time period knew that no fuel source with which they were familiar could explain the tremendous output of energy given off every second by our sun. Of course we now know that our sun's power source is deep within its core, where the element hydrogen is fused into helium, but at the time theories abounded, none of which could give a satisfactory answer. Some even claimed that human beings could not understand the sun's power source, since it was the creation of God. We see the same thing today with paranormal phenomenon and UFOs. Science today does not have the instruments or knowledge, and certainly no answers, to prove or disprove all of these strange events that people are experiencing. Human beings like to think they are in control of their domain, and everything that occurs has an explanation; if it can't be explained, then it must not exist. UFOs and paranormal phenomenon have no simple answer; they are very complex phenomena indeed, and the only way to begin to understand these types of events is to accept the idea that the visible universe that we mere humans can see is only a narrow band of reality. It is my belief that the events we call paranormal phenomena are emitted from a parallel reality, perhaps even further. Recently, the theory of multiple strings making up the universe has received considerable attention, not only in the scientific community, but with the general public as well. String Theory theoretically explains that the universe is multi-dimensional in nature. It is strange to think that it took science over two thousand years to catch up to what the mystics, shamans, and Druid priests speculated so long ago.

String theory is a relatively new idea that states that particles existing in the universe do not lie at zero dimension points, but are on building blocks or lines called strings. This theory unifies the forces of nature into a single one and tells that all of creation is linked together. The "vibration" of a string at a particular frequency determines if that particle is to be an electron, photon, or any other bit of matter. The force that causes the string to vibrate may come from another universe. In order for one string not to interfere with another when it is vibrating, something like a membrane may separate them. A string can be opened or closed; open strings are linear, while closed strings can fold space creating a multitude of dimensions.

In the 1990s, Dr. Edward Witten found evidence that String Theory can predict the existence of a universe with eleven dimensions; this is called the M theory. Many recent developments in the field led to the idea that the universe could have has many as 26 dimensions. The hope of scientists is that String Theory will be able to unify all the known forces and particles into a single theory of "all and everything."

Strings interact by splitting and joining. The annihilation of two closed strings into a single closed string can cause changes to the dimensional state of space. Multiple closed strings can be connected to make tunnels that, in theory, can transport you to another part of the universe or even to one of the theoretical twenty-six dimensions. This is one way in which dimensional wormholes or windows can be formed. Look at it this way: if you have two lengths of string crossing over each other, each string would represent a part of the physical universe. If we bend the strings to form a loop we can merge both dimensions together, and twisting each string can bring us to different levels or, in the case of the cosmos, different dimensions. Each part of the string could actually vibrate at a different rate, which would mean "time" as we know it would progress in a different manner depending where you are located on the string.

If our universe has twenty-six dimensions, we as three-dimensional beings have very little awareness of them. If intelligent beings do exist in some of these dimensions and if they come into our universe we humans would not be able to perceive them as they truly are. This could be the reason why so many different reports of UFOs exist. Each witness is trying to understand what he or she saw by identifying it with something with which they are familiar or could accept. However, the truth may be that UFOs and other types of paranormal phenomena are things we cannot possibly fully understand since we have no real understanding of their part of the universe. An analogy to this hypothesis would be a group of present-day scientists traveling back in time to the 14th century to explain to the great scientific minds of the day the state of the universe, that our Earth orbits the sun and there are other worlds out there besides our tiny planet. Surely, they would be considered mad or even heretical.

Interdimensional Universe covers in detail the topics briefly touched on above; while I don't consider it to be a solution, it is never the less a start to understand the unseen worlds that exist around us.

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