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Springtime Herb Magic Your Own Way


As sacred gardens come back into fruition, many Witches are wondering if their herb magic could be more potent. Through the personal arts of intuition and customization, it can be.

While basic information about the magical attributes of plants is helpful and easy to come by, it's seldom that the Witch can learn the more subtle nuances of a plant through book research alone. Basil, rose, and rosemary can all be used in love spells, for instance, but which herbs will make the most powerful blend? Pine is associated with purification and with attracting wealth, but which attribute is more prominent in the plant? For questions like these, Witches must seek answers in their own intuition.

By developing unique techniques for intuitively connecting with plants, the Witch can customize herbal recipes to maximum effect, giving spellwork extra potency by allowing magic to take full advantage of the power of personal style.

The energies we work with in magic are parts of an infinite force that can be perceived and divided in infinite ways. Pieces of this limitless energy are poured into our own finite bodies, and each of us has unique affinities that determine how our magic can best be customized. Just as you can't pound a nail in with a pen or write a letter with a hammer, one Witch will find it easy to call out the loving energy in basil, while another Witch is more in tune with this quality in the rosemary plant.

Creatively exploring the intricacies of our psychic senses leads us to discover our own personal affinities and teaches us where our magical strengths lie, and this knowledge can be used to design better, stronger herb magic.

Finding your own unique methods for tapping into intuition can be accomplished through a quick and entertaining process of experimentation. Gather a few magical herbs and place each variety in a small bowl. Gaze at the herbs and write a list of the energies you sense in the plant. Make a note of which energetic vibrations feel the strongest.

Next, smell each herb and again make a list of your impressions.

Now touch the herbs, once more recording your feelings about each plant.

By examining your notes, you garner detailed information about the herbs used in the experiment, and you can also ascertain which of your senses best opens your intuition. Ask yourself which technique gave you the strongest impressions. Did looking at the herbs bring a flood of psychic wisdom? Were certain energies apparent when you were touching the plant, but were not so obvious when you relied on smell or sight?

You can further the experiment by putting your own spin on it. Try various ways to increase your intuition as you explore each plant. For instance, you could repeat the experiment while listening to music, while holding a crystal, or while burning incense. You could try the exercise with an animal in the room, or at a different time of day. Investigate your hunches and get creative, altering the experiment however you like. You'll soon discover which circumstances and actions produce the best results. Combining your best techniques creates a method that is uniquely your own, an effective and intimate way to intuitively connect with magical plants, improving your ability to customize the details of your spells.

Letting intuition play to your strengths and customizing your herb magic accordingly makes it easier to add your own power to a spell. Just as in a ritual with colors, symbols, and intent all in harmony, more energy is available for herb magic when the recipe suits personal style and when the framework is founded on the Witch's one-of-a-kind psychic sense.

Practicing the art of customization increases skills and builds confidence in your abilities. Here are a few springtime herbal spells designed to let your own magic shine.

Personal Wishing Blend for Springtime Success
Spring is a time of success and new beginnings, and you can create some luck in achieving your ambitions with a Personal Wishing Blend. Choose an herb to symbolize the energies of spring, an herb for good luck, an herb to bring success, and an herb that represents your dearest wish. Imagine that your dream has come true and close your eyes. What color do you see? Tie up the herbs in a cloth of this color, and carry the bundle with you throughout the season.

Herbal Spell for Spring Passion
To celebrate the Earth's spring renewal and to give your own romantic union a boost of fresh energy, try this spell. Choose an herb to represent yourself and an herb to symbolize your lover. Place the herbs in a dish, and sprinkle the mixture with a generous amount of an herb that you associate with intense lust and passion. Swirl the three herbs together, and contemplate the blend of energies that causes a garden to bloom, that causes your lover to smile at you. Place a bit of the mixture under your pillow for sweet romantic dreams or for no sleep at all. This spell can help renew a dormant relationship with fresh excitement.

Grow a Plant, Grow Your Wealth Spell
Springtime energies can be used to bring prosperity, and if your bank account could use some expanding, this spell can do the trick. Choose an herb that you feel has strong wealth-bringing energies, and place a pinch of it in a jar, under a small layer of coins.

Now plant a seed in a container of soil. You can use a seed from the wealth-bringing herb you selected, or choose another, such as a fast-growing bean or flower seed. Place the plant pot and the coin jar side by side near a window, so that both containers will absorb the energies of spring. Everyday, water the plant and put a few coins into the coin jar. Improvise a chant, perform a dance, or draw a picture that expresses your belief that both the plant and your wealth will grow.

At the forefront of spellwork stands the Witch, not the recipe. Traditional formulas are often effective, but it takes a sprinkling of your own creative spice for magic to reach its full potential. By using your intuition to customize your spells, herb magic can be more potent. Trust in your magic and have faith in your own power. You know your beliefs, your style, and your gifts better than anyone.

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